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London Uroradiology is a specialist chambers of Consultant Uroradiologists consisting up of 4 Partners and 5 Associates, all of whom have appointments at 2 of the leading NHS Hospitals in London - UCLH & St George’s. Between them they cover the complete range of complex diagnostic and interventional urological scans.  Providing timely, expert advice to the Urologists is critical to a high quality private Urology service.

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Dr Conrad von Stempel



        von Stempel

Conrad is a Consultant Interventional and Uroradiologist. He works at University College Hospital and Royal Free Hospital, and has a particular interest in vascular and urology problems including priapism, erectile dysfunction and prostate disease.

He specialises in arterial and venous therapy including Prostate Artery Embolization (PAE).

He is involved in imaging research particularly of vascular, prostate and liver disease.

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